Through the years I have started countless versions of my website, where I can showcase my work, but I've always ended up being the most difficult client I've had. To design your personal portfolio is no easy task when you want it to cover all the possible aspects of your work. As an One-man show I'm proud to say that every single pixel on this website was carefully crafted by yours truly.

Server, Data and Control: This website is hosted on Media Temple and powered by an incredible CMS named Koken with a custom built theme. I'm using Git for version control and server deployment, since I'm working on both Mac and Windows and I like to work locally.

Technology: Some heavy use of HTML5 and CSS3, organized into templates, variables and tags by Koken's own Lens System. It uses the latest version of jQuery and custom build of Modernizr.

Scripts: Transitions and scrolling changes are created with Waypoints.js. For the Off-screen navigation I choose to use Sidr .The Starfield on the front page is a canvas experiment by chiptune. Introductory slides are handled by Reveal.js. I'm using RoyalSlider (for the Galleries and Slideshows) and Magnific Popup (works previews) by @dimsemenov. Background blur is done with the help of Vague.js. Lastly, my dribbble shots are fetched trough Jribbble.

CSS: For proper cross-browser elements rendering I'm using Normalize.css. In my quest to make this site fully responsive I relay on Foldy. Typeplate is helping me with overall typography and element structure.

Typography: Museo Sans for the Headings and Open Sans for everything else. I'm also using the gorgeous Flaticons icon font-face.

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