Harness the Potential of Big Data with cutting-edge Ad-Ops Solutions

Harness the Potential of Big Data with cutting-edge Ad-Ops Solutions

Audience Platform is a pioneering company in next-gen Ad-ops technology, offering innovative software that unlocks modern end-to-end workflows and solutions for both traditional and emerging ad-tech companies.



As the second employee at Audience Platform, I took on the responsibilities of both a product designer and a front-end engineer.

Over the course of four years, I had the privilege of contributing to the company's establishment and product development. During this time, I'm grateful to have been part of a dedicated team that worked hard to achieve significant milestones. Our collective efforts led to a notable increase in the company's annual revenue by 2400% and a considerable expansion of the team, growing it by 2650%.

It was an enriching experience, and I'm humbled to have played a role in the growth and success of Audience Platform.


Miami, FL, USA





Company Size

~50 employees

Key Focus Areas

Branding • Product Strategy • UX Strategy • UI Design • Product Development • Web Development • Motion Design • Prototyping • Team Management • UI Engineering • Design System Engineering



One of the main hurdles was transforming a single proof of concept prototype into a cutting-edge product ecosystem. This involved extensive effort and innovation to expand and refine the initial concept.

Additionally, I was tasked with redefining the brand vision and product structure, which required careful consideration and strategic planning to align with the company's goals and target audience.

To ensure efficiency and consistency in our development process, I worked on establishing a comprehensive design system and component library. This initiative allowed us to create high-fidelity browser native prototypes, enhancing the overall user experience.

Furthermore, a crucial aspect of my role involved identifying and recruiting talented individuals to scale and strengthen both the front-end and design teams. Additionally, I took on the responsibility of mentoring these team members to foster their professional growth.

Enhance the brand to a higher level

Enhance the brand to a higher level

As a designer, one of the first things I immediately started to work on was the update of the brand identity. The company had an initial POC-level logo that needed to blend better with the company's vision and presentation. After multiple in-house iterations in 2021, we teamed up with the talented brand designer Jord Riekwel to do a state-of-the-art rebranding.

We collaborated closely on the logo mark, the typography, and the colors. Later on, I established the brand in all marketing and presentational materials. In 2023 I updated the initial brand book with a fresher color palette and extended usage guidelines.

Defining product strategy and vision

Defining product strategy and vision

I work well enough with any design GUI and code. That allows me to follow a modern hybrid design/front-end workflow named Designing in the browser.

Design in the browser is a concept using HTML, CSS, and JS as your primary design tools. This allows an idea to be executed at tremendous speed right in the space users expect to interact with. Early on, we started working on a fresh next-gen concept for the company products. We moved away from keeping Audience Platform as the product's name, so I suggested and developed the idea of naming the pilot product AdSuite. I set up the code repository as a monorepo and spent a couple of weeks crafting the prototype, bringing my previously developed React component library called Reactberry.

AdSuite is a versatile product ecosystem for ad campaigns tracking, automated invoicing, performance monitoring, and reporting. It aims to thrust conventional publisher ad operations into the contemporary era. The adaptable and customizable nature of AdSuite Modules suits specific business regulations and necessities, offering on-site management through a modern user interface or API-powered expandable integrations and processes.

Mahony, I want to tell you that I had a great time working together. You're one of the few people I get along with without having to talk. I have such faith in you and your skills that I have never doubted that whatever you come up with will be wonderful. Thank you for everything you taught me. In the future I know we will work together again for sure!

Senior Product Owner, Audience Platform